Working Papers

Self-Persuasion: Evidence from Field Experiments at Two International Debating Competitions (Job Market Paper)
with Peter Schwardmann and Joël van der Weele

Social Influence in Prosocial Behavior: Evidence From a Large-Scale Experiment with Lorenz Goette (Abstract, CEPR working paper)
Revise and resubmit at the Journal of the European Economic Association

Sorting Into Incentives for Prosocial Behavior with Christian. J. Meyer (Abstract, SSRN working paper)

Image Concerns in Pledges to Give Blood: Evidence from a Field Experiment with Christian J. Meyer (Abstract, SSRN working paper)
Revise and resubmit at Health Economics

Work in Progress

Social Preferences Under the Shadow of the Future with Felix Kölle and Simone Quercia (coming soon)

Does Positive Feedback of Social Impact Motivate Prosocial Behavior? A Field Experiment with Blood Donors with Lorenz Goette (coming soon)

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